Pregnancy & Baby

Baby Bumpin’ | A Pregnancy Update

26 weeks, that's how long I've been growing a little human inside my stomach. I think by now it's probably time to get an update on here. This upcoming Thursday i'll be officially in my third & final trimester, I can't believe it. If you know me personally then you may know just how terrible… Continue reading Baby Bumpin’ | A Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy & Baby

Baby Buys

With a baby on the way and me being just about in my third trimester, Daniel and I have accumulated quite the collection of baby items! Now I know baby isn’t here yet so some of these items I’ve never tried however I’ve done deep research into every item purchased. I thought It’d be nice to share… Continue reading Baby Buys


Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins

(originally written 03/19/2018) I'm back with another recipe, this time Muffins! I have always absolutely loved baking but right now, at 25 weeks pregnant I'm on a full muffin kick. This being my third batch in the past week. I started off simple with chocolate chip muffins, after that I tried out my own version of raspberry… Continue reading Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins


Bake With Me | Spooky Sugar Cookies

(originally written 10/02/2017) I absolutely LOVE baking! whether it be cake, brownies, pies or cookies, I love it all. lately I've been on a serious cookie kick and decided to make some sugar cookies. with halloween creeping up quickly I decided to use the day as my baking inspiration. I won't lie, when it came to… Continue reading Bake With Me | Spooky Sugar Cookies


Micro Fashion | Toddler Edition

(originally written 08/15/2017) buying clothes for my son is something i find far too exciting. i could scroll for hours on end looking at different shops, imagining my little man dressed up in the adorable pieces. over the past year i have discovered some seriously amazing shops and better yet, most of them are based… Continue reading Micro Fashion | Toddler Edition