Hello Spring

(originally written 03/20/2018) It's officially the first day of spring and I could not be more excited...seriously! To say I was over winter would be an understatement. Not only do I just hate the cold but being cooped up inside all day with a toddler SUCKS. The weather is already so nice, we're soaking it up… Continue reading Hello Spring


Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins

(originally written 03/19/2018) I'm back with another recipe, this time Muffins! I have always absolutely loved baking but right now, at 25 weeks pregnant I'm on a full muffin kick. This being my third batch in the past week. I started off simple with chocolate chip muffins, after that I tried out my own version of raspberry… Continue reading Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins