The Perfect Spring Accessory

Spring is one of my absolute favourite times of the year! The sun starts making an appearance and you can feel the warmth. The gorgeous flowers begin to bloom all around, does it get any better? One of the very best things about spring is finally saying goodbye to all your winter clothes! It's that… Continue reading The Perfect Spring Accessory


Music in the Womb

Music is just one of those things I couldn't live without! I honestly don't know how some people just don't listen to music... ever? We are always playing our favourite songs around the house, in the car and pretty much anywhere else. (I'm lucky enough to have found a hubby who actually enjoys my music… Continue reading Music in the Womb


Micro Fashion | Toddler Edition

(originally written 08/15/2017) buying clothes for my son is something i find far too exciting. i could scroll for hours on end looking at different shops, imagining my little man dressed up in the adorable pieces. over the past year i have discovered some seriously amazing shops and better yet, most of them are based… Continue reading Micro Fashion | Toddler Edition