Music in the Womb

Music is just one of those things I couldn’t live without! I honestly don’t know how some people just don’t listen to music… ever? We are always playing our favourite songs around the house, in the car and pretty much anywhere else. (I’m lucky enough to have found a hubby who actually enjoys my music as so many don’t haha) Hudson has always been surrounded by lots of music and he loves it, often dancing around whenever he hears something he likes. When he was in my belly I would always play him music as we fell asleep and it felt like we were bonding together. That’s something I loved doing with him and now love doing in this pregnancy.

Music has been shown to be super beneficial to the brain. They say music can not only improve your unborn baby’s concentration and auditory senses but can also help improve your baby’s reflexes! How neat!? Most people think the best option for your womb is classical but really they say it’s a great idea to play any type of music! It’s been said that’s it’s actually best to listen to whatever genre you like and your baby will be listening to out of the womb (since many don’t actually listen to classical besides with baby) Classical music definitely wouldn’t be my first choice… or my second! I just go ahead and play him my own playlist and he kicks the whole time, I’ll take that as a good thing.

When I was pregnant with Hudson I’d just lay headphones beside my stomach, but one of my absolute favourite pregnancy items this time around is definitely my Belly Buds! They are super easy to use, adhesive music buds just for your belly. You hook up the speakers to your phone, stick them on your belly, throw on a good playlist and that’s that. It even comes with a cord splitter so you could listen along with your own headphones. The great thing? They also have a prenatal setting to make it the perfect volume for the little babe in your stomach! I’ve used the same adhesive stickers over & over and they are still sticking just fine! The instructions also say you can rinse them in hot water and they will work like new again or buy a replacement pack! (Super inexpensive)

Check these things out! They are super small and can comfortably fit under your clothes.

I thought I would go ahead and write out the playlist I’ve compiled of all my favourite tunes to play babe, so here it is!

I’d love to hear what songs you like playing to your bump!


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