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Baby Bumpin’ | A Pregnancy Update

26 weeks, that’s how long I’ve been growing a little human inside my stomach. I think by now it’s probably time to get an update on here. This upcoming Thursday i’ll be officially in my third & final trimester, I can’t believe it. If you know me personally then you may know just how terrible my first pregnancy was with Hudson. Spending a big chunk of that time in the hospital and the rest hunched over a toilet wasn’t exactly ideal. It’s safe to say this pregnancy has definitely been a more enjoyable experience for me. That being said, the first three months weren’t exactly smooth sailing.

The beginning of this pregnancy had me worried I was in for the same rollercoaster as the last, once again keeping food down wasn’t really much of an option for me. This time around having even less control when trying to keep it down, unfortunately I had to suddenly puke in our car or even on myself quite a few times. However unlike the last, once I hit my second trimester it was like my pregnancy had flipped a switch! My nausea had subsided big time. I finally felt like I could function like a normal human again and it was great. I even started prenatal Barre classes which I LOVE and would highly recommend!! (they are such an amazing way to keep active in your pregnancy and even meet other expecting mamas)

Nearing the end of my second trimester things began getting a little harder again, but I still can’t complain in comparison to what I went through last time. My pregnancy was just starting to catch up to me. The weight gain had me sore and in pain, keeping up with my toddler had me crazy exhausted and my heartburn was getting worse everyday. Thankfully with the help of my amazing husband and jumbo packs of Zantac, I made it through

Even though my heartburn isn’t getting any better and I am still sore and exhausted,  I’m feeling pretty great. We’re spending our days soaking up our last months of having an only child and getting him pumped up to be a big brother! The weather has been beautiful so family walks are amongst the almost daily schedule and Hud finally got to take out his little bike. I’ve got the sweetest little family and I can’t wait to meet our newest additon, come June! All I have left to say is Third Trimester, I’m ready for you!




Stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts coming soon!


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