Micro Fashion | Toddler Edition

(originally written 08/15/2017)

buying clothes for my son is something i find far too exciting. i could scroll for hours on end looking at different shops, imagining my little man dressed up in the adorable pieces. over the past year i have discovered some seriously amazing shops and better yet, most of them are based out of british columbia! with fall time (my absolute favourite time of the year) upon us, i thought i’d share a couple of my favourite fashion finds for all our growing kiddos.

stelly handmade

when it comes to dressing my son, 80% of the time i’ll throw a romper on him. the one piece, all in one type deal is such an easy and simple route.  my absolute favourite shop to buy rompers from is definitely “stelly handmade.” you can find this mama on instagram  @stellyhandmade and online at 


her rompers are all hand sewn, super trendy and crazy soft! my son owns just about every single one.  her pieces are totally unisex and are great neutrals that can be paired with other accesories. one of my absolute favourite ways to style these for fall is with a long sleeve top underneath!




this kid clothing co.

this shop has just about every monochrome piece your child could ever need, seriously.. you can find this super cool mama on instagram @thiskidclothingco and online at https://thiskidclothing.com/ you won’t regret it!      

i don’t have any pictures of my son in our latest order, but i will insert pictures of my favourite items below! go ahead and use the code: TKFRIENDS to save 20% and OMG for 40% off clearance items! ( they have awesome items for the entire family)




TATTRD threads

there is no possible way you can go wrong with TATTRD threads denim. good jeans are a serious must have for fall and i haven’t come accross any that beat these! this mama is a serious superstar at distressing denim and she does it all herself. she now offers diferent washes with all of her different denim styles, they are a serious fall must have in your toddlers closet. check her out on instagram @tattrdthreads and online at                                                                         https://tattrdthreads.com/ 



pictured below are my personal favourites “the vancouver skinnies”



vagabond babe

lastly i have to show you my very favourite fall accessory for my little man. i found this toque last year on another mama’s instagram and i seriously just had to have it. vagabond babe is a super cute company that sells entirely on etsy. you can find her on instagram @vagabondbabe and on etsy at vagabondbabe.etsy . i had the great pleasure of meeting the mama who runs this shop and she is simply the sweetest. she has tons of great pieces for sale but for some reason i just cannot get over this toque. 



pictured above is my son wearing said toque.

thanks for sticking around and making it to the end of this post, i hope you found a new clothing piece to try out with your growing little one! i’ll be uploading a fall lookbook with my son in the weeks to come. feel free to connect with me here or on instagram, i’d love to get to know you too!



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