Let’s Get to Know Each Other

(originally written 08/10/2017)

hello my fellow mamas, dads or anyone else who may be reading this. i thought i would go ahead and write a couple things about me, so we could get to know each other a bit. i’ll start off by saying this isn’t my first go at this whole blog thing but i’ve never been good at keeping up with it. if you’re interested in reading some of my old post’s i’ll link my old (yet still active) blog here:



you may be wondering why i am here instead of there, as to which my only answer is i can’t decide if i want to start fresh or not. “messybunsandmunchkins” was a name that took me just about a million years to settle on , so getting rid of it makes my heart hurt a tad. on that note, i may be doing this back n forth thing for a while so we will see where this goes.

the second most important part of my story would probably be how i fell into the crazy yet amazing world of motherhood. to keep this long story short and sweet, ill give you the basics (because trust me the story isn’t short or sweet, atleast not the beginning.) at the very young age of 16 i discovered i was expecting a baby. let’s just say the person i was excepecting this little one with just wasn’t the one for me. after a while of attempting to make the circumstances work, i made the decision to part ways. ending this little story on a good note, shortly after i started a relationship with the most amazing man i know and my now soon to be hubs. i’m currently 19 and a stay at home mom with my 2 1/2 year old son and we couldn’t be happier!

lastly i will leave you off with this, as if you haven’t already noticed. for some odd and unknown reason I’m not a fan of typing with capitals , strange i know. however my goal with my blog is not to have perfect sentences and punctuation, but to just have a platform to speak and connect with other lovely people. i hope you enjoyed reading this little post and will come back to visit again!




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