It’s Been A While

(originally written 03/18/2018)

Hey you! It’s been quite a while since I have hopped on here, I promise I have a good excuse. Since last posting a lot has happened. In September of 2017 Daniel and I got married and since then we have also become pregnant with our second babe. How exciting!!! ( I’ll insert a few of our photos below) We also found out we will be expecting another BOY, craziness! However I have neglected sitting down and actually typing up something to post here. Well, Hudson is relaxing on the couch and Daniels at work so here I am. 





(some recent bump shots)



Things to Come:
I have recently decided that as a family we need to be more cautious with what were using in our home. The products we use on our kids and the food we pile into our bodies. Yes “pile” I’m 25 Weeks and CAN’T stop eating… yikes! My husband has always been super into ”healthy living” so getting him on board wasn’t a task at all. 
With all of that, I’ve decided I would like to dedicate a good portion of my little piece of internet here to just that. Healthy Living! As of two weeks ago I offcially received my Young Living Starter Kit, which I’m super excited to keep learning about. I have started scanning all my household products with the app “Think Dirty” and will be gradually getting rid of and replacing those items. I am going to set out to one of my favourite stores “Chapters” and pick up any reading material I think will be useful, and it’s safe to say I am rather excited! 
So like I was saying “things to come” I would love to have a series of posts on here bringing you along on my journey, living a better, cleaner life with my family. 
Talk soon!!

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