Bake With Me | Spooky Sugar Cookies

(originally written 10/02/2017)

I absolutely LOVE baking! whether it be cake, brownies, pies or cookies, I love it all. lately I’ve been on a serious cookie kick and decided to make some sugar cookies. with halloween creeping up quickly I decided to use the day as my baking inspiration. I won’t lie, when it came to the decorating it was a seriously time consuming process. between making the royal icing from scratch , mastering different colours and consistencies and actually piping the designs it took some serious patience. however in the end i’d say the process was well worth it and the cookies were delicious. so then I thought, what better than to share my recipe with you! 






 I hope you have a ton of fun trying out these cookies and playing around with different decorating methods! check out some of the fun designs I made down below! I hope you enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to share more awesome recipes with you soon!





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