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With a baby on the way and me being just about in my third trimester, Daniel and I have accumulated quite the collection of baby items! Now I know baby isn’t here yet so some of these items I’ve never tried however I’ve done deep research into every item purchased. I thought It’d be nice to share with you some of my favourite baby buys that we’ve purchased thus far. 
I figure I’ll do a couple posts like this including great baby buys (like the car seat & stroller we picked) leading up until babes arrival! Below are some of my favourite recent buys, let me tell you why!
(most of these items can be purchased on multiple sites and in stores but i’ll go ahead and leave the links we bought them from)
1. Nook Niche Nursing Pillow
Being a C-Section mama, having a good nursing pillow is a must! When I had my first I tried a smaller one a realized it just didn’t do the job! Since I’ll be having another C-Section I knew I needed a good sturdy pillow to help me hold the weight. The Nook Niche has a bit of a higher price tag for a pillow however this thing is amazing!! For starters, this award winning pillow is 100% organic inside and out. The cover of this pillow is also removable and ready to wash. This pillow is extremely soft and all the materials are highly breathable for your little babes! This specific pillow also has more surface area than most because it’s shaped kind of like a square, which is super handy. I totally recommend checking this brand out when looking for a new nursing pillow or even a crib mattress. 
2. The OVer Company Multi – Use Baby Cover
Car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, these things do really do it all! With my first I had one of those covers that velcro’s onto the car seat and drapes over. It never stayed on correctly and was always moving around. This time around I knew I wanted this style of cover so I went ahead and looked at my options. There are many many brands who make these covers however I went with “the OVer company” for a couple reasons. Firstly, I was looking for simple neutral patterns and they had just what I was looking for. Second, they are Canadian which is a huge plus!! I always try and find Canadian alternatives in the products we’re buying!
This company has amazing customer service.
I hadn’t received my order by the estimated date and my tracking wasn’t updated in over a week, I contacted them and they immediately got in touch with Canada post and then sent me a new one. Once I received my cover I realized just how awesome these covers are. With other brands I’ve noticed how thin the material is whereas these covers are so soft, durable and well made. I can’t wait to put this thing to use!


3. Eco by Naty Diapers
Now I know this one is a little bit random or out of place but I really wanted to take a second to talk about the diapers we’ve decided on. When you’re expecting a baby you usually try and stock up on diapers before the little one arrives. This time around I really wanted to look at all the options and make the best decision for our kids. After researching a lot of different brands and ingredients we finally decided on the Eco by Naty diapers! These diapers were created in Sweden and are free from chlorine, latex, TBT and fragrance. They are designed to minimize risk of diaper rash as well asthma. Now when it comes to diapers it’s extremely important that they actually function well too. We decided to switch our 3 year old to The Eco by Naty Pull up diapers and they are awesome!!! He isn’t fully potty trained so he does pee in his diaper throughout the night. His pampers were starting to get really soggy half way through and Hud would be up crying for a diaper change. THESE DIAPERS JUST DON’T LEAK. I’ve never seen a diaper be full of pee yet not damp and soggy on the outside at all. If you’re having any issues with your current diapers I really recommend trying these out.
(I bought these at my local Natures Fare but here is a great canadian site that stocks them)
1b2036_0787f8617f76473fabeac213e4c01dda~mv2.jpg                            1b2036_8a00c7ac2f98481cba3cb41746cc67ab~mv2_d_1315_1600_s_2.jpg



4. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle
Breastfeeding is definitely the plan when baby comes however I think it is super important to let your partner connect through feeding as well. Once our little guy is doing super great with his breastfeeding we will occasionally throw in a bottle feed here and there so my husband can take part. After researching many options and originally wanting to go with “Life Factory Glass Bottles” (which I do want to introduce once he is older) I decided the Comotomo bottles would be the best choice for us. These bottles are designed to closely mimic the natural breast and are even made from a soft silicone that feels comparable to skin.
They also have a super wide nipple that is extremely comparable to a natural nipple, some people even use this bottle if their baby hasn’t gotten the hang of breastfeeding. They then say they have an easier time transitioning back to breast, some lactaction consultents recommend these bottles specifcally for that. The wide neck makes these bottles super easy to clean, which is always a plus.
5. H&M Wrapover Bodysuits
I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet for you. These bodysuits or diaper shirts as I prefer to call them are perfect for your little ones. There is nothing better than a diaper shirt you don’t have to yank over your newborns head. These things are so soft and come in great neutrals for your little babes. They are ridiculously affordable and are also 100% organic cotton, that’s a win. We already bought 3 sets and were definitely gunna go back for more.


6. Natursutten Original Round Pacifier 
Last but not least, Pacifiers. Now I’m not huge on using pacifiers often but I do think they can be a great thing to have on hand. I have always hated any type of pacifier that is hard plastic with removable pieces. Often times that little plastic handle is super easy to yank off so I’ve only ever liked pacifiers that are one solid piece. These Natursutten Pacifiers are 100% natural rubber made from the tree Hevea brasiliensis and are exclusively manufactured in Italy. The large round shield gently touches your baby’s face to naturally stimulate breastfeeding and to provide comfort simular to what they already know and love. These beautiful pacifiers are one solid piece with no crevices for bacteria to harvest.   


I hope this post gave you some ideas of new products to  buy and try.  I would love to hear about products that you already know and love as well. I’ll be doing more baby product & pregnancy posts very soon, sign up for my email list to stay updated. 
talk soon!1b2036_e47e00aa578944619a93fba8c89d9a83~mv2.png

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