Social Media

Let’s Get Festive | Instagram Templates

Who else is crazy excited about Christmas? I sure am! The Christmas season is my absolute favourite and I've been LOVING seeing everyone on Instagram get into the Christmas spirit as well! To celebrate my favourite time of the year being upon us, I decided to create a few Christmas themed Instagram Story templates. How… Continue reading Let’s Get Festive | Instagram Templates


The Perfect Spring Accessory

Spring is one of my absolute favourite times of the year! The sun starts making an appearance and you can feel the warmth. The gorgeous flowers begin to bloom all around, does it get any better? One of the very best things about spring is finally saying goodbye to all your winter clothes! It's that… Continue reading The Perfect Spring Accessory

Pregnancy & Baby

Baby Bumpin’ | A Pregnancy Update

26 weeks, that's how long I've been growing a little human inside my stomach. I think by now it's probably time to get an update on here. This upcoming Thursday i'll be officially in my third & final trimester, I can't believe it. If you know me personally then you may know just how terrible… Continue reading Baby Bumpin’ | A Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy & Baby

Baby Buys

With a baby on the way and me being just about in my third trimester, Daniel and I have accumulated quite the collection of baby items! Now I know baby isn’t here yet so some of these items I’ve never tried however I’ve done deep research into every item purchased. I thought It’d be nice to share… Continue reading Baby Buys


Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins

(originally written 03/19/2018) I'm back with another recipe, this time Muffins! I have always absolutely loved baking but right now, at 25 weeks pregnant I'm on a full muffin kick. This being my third batch in the past week. I started off simple with chocolate chip muffins, after that I tried out my own version of raspberry… Continue reading Bake With Me | Cinnamon + Walnut Muffins